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About J's Pizza Stop Old Swan

J's Pizza Stop Old Swan is a takeaway restaurant that serves a myriad dishes and a vast variety of pizzas. We are all about ensuring that you get your tasty meal when you want it. Our primary principle at J's Pizza Stop Old Swan is to serve our customers with delicious meals within the shortest time possible. We strive to make the customer happy by not only having quality nutritious food for them but also offering a variety of meals from different heritages. Our main meal is pizza. At J's Pizza Stop Old Swan we are serious about pizza that is why you will always find the pizza that you want when you need prepared and served in its originally intended way. This is to mean that if you are having an authentic Sicilian Pizza at our restaurant, then it is as good as the original meal.

J's Pizza Stop Old Swan Restaurant

We are located at 93 Green Lane in Liverpool L13 7BB. We are right at the road where we are openly visible. Our stores are right on the road at 93 Green Lane where you can drive and pick your take away meal with ease. Our restaurant stands between Lister Drive and Sutton Street right at the junction of Green Lane and Brainerd Street. If you are from Carnegie Road we are towards Sutton Street right opposite Russian Drive. If you are from Sutton Street then we are towards Lister Road just after the next right turn into Brainerd Street. Moreover, we offer delivery services. If you need some Pizza, all you need to do is order through our app or contact us with your address and our delivery guys will be at your doorstep within the shortest time possible. At J's Pizza Stop Old Swan we are experts at making Pizza and delivering the meals when our customer need to eat that is why we have a reliable team that will ensure you get the pizza that you need when you need it.

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